30 October 2011

You Being Beautiful #1: The ideal wash


seperti yang aku mentioned kat entry yang lepas, aku akan share apa yang aku baca dalam buku ni, so untuk malam ni, sementara free boleh lah baca n buat entry , nanti dah busy balik tak dapek den nak nolong ni haa..hoho..

so, apa yang menarik aku baca untuk part ni ialah "The ideal wash"

**sila baca dengan teliti...bahasa omputih pasni, kalau tak faham ready google translate kat new tab..hehe

use pH -balanced soap and cleanser; if they are gentle enough not to sting your eyes, chances are good they won't harm your skin either.
 yg menarik: exsessive rubbing can aggravate eczema and acne....ooo baru ku tau itu

healthy moisturizer don't disturb the acid mantle of the skin or clog pores, prefer natural moisturizer such as avocado oil, walnut butter or cocoa butter and  ones that are proven to be hypoallergic. apply while you are still damp from the shower to seal the moisture.
 yg menarik: important to moistiurize when you're flying at high attitute or in dry climates.

use a loofah sponge for your body. the loofah mechanically removes the old layer of skin.
pssst..mane aku nak dapat natang ni kat malaysia? huu

you are supposed to get 20 minutes of sunlight a day-but only when it;s at low levels (a good rule to tell: your shadow should be longer than your height)
yg menarik: by refering the above sentences-it stop only 20-40 percent of UV radiation.

always protect your face and back of your hand but allow your body to be exposed to some sun for a few minutes before you add sunscreen. 
yg menarik: a little redness in the skin signifies that vitamin D is being made. 

yg paling menarik!
ever wonder what the heck SPF numbers truely mean in ur sunblock or sunscreen?

an SPF of 1 means that your skin covered in SPF 1 would turn red in about 20 minutes; SPF 2 would require 40 minutes, and so on..
 sublock korang plak SPF berapa?


p/s: sunblock mahal la, semakin tinggi SPF, semakin tinggi harganya..waduuhh..abis burn duit dan kulitku gini..hehe 

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