18 October 2011

How to know you lost your love?

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

first, take a look at this picture 
which line or wrinkles u have?

i lost my love..huhu
yeah..at 10 years old i lost my brothers 
at 20 years old i lost my father

so its truth that i lost my love right? 


  figure above is about FINE LINES.

many things can cause wrinkling, including cigarette, smoking and sun exposure. ultimately, it's caused by thinned, damaged collagen and a loss of elastin fibres. when skin loses it elasticity, gravity pulls down on it, and the sagging causes even more wrinkles. 

for me myself, i have thin skin, that is why i already have wrinkles under my eyes due to sun exposure..that make peoples called me "kakak" huhu..i just 21 okay! 

ok, fine..i admit it..i am matured woman..huhu

All this info i get it from a book that i bought at BIG BAD WOLF BOOK FAIR at MAEPS serdang few days ago..thanks to Masitah because brought me there..u can go to her blog to see what books she buy..

some pictures at the book fair 
 so crowded!

the price there was awesome..u can find a book for only rm5, rm8 and not more than rm25.. if i was not mistaken..isn't that great huh? for me, i only bought 1 book as u can see in my picture above. 

ok, bye..

p/s: saje nak speaking pulak..mentang2 beli buku bahasa omputih kan..haha..ngade~

p/ss: eh..eh..aku akan share apa yg aku baca kalau ada benda yg menarik dalam buku ni k..yg pasal gambar pertama tuh aku ambil dlm buku ni la..hehe..sharing is caring right? 

p/sss: last test hari jumaat then midsem break..oo0 yeah! 

berapa bnyk pss daaa~ 

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