06 April 2011

Tomorrow is a day of...

Assalamualaikum and good morning..morning isn't?
look at the time when i posting this entry..
morning right? yup, it is..
just short update here.
this week and the next following week
ARE the busiest week for student life at the end of this semester
we have to bear with it..
OH GOD..hope everything will be fine

for tommorow, i have 3 things to do

1. Presentation fermentation=Cellulase enzyme
2. Grammar game= Quantifiers
3. Basic entrepreneurship presentation
what you will feel if you were in my shoes?
stress? tension?
for sure dear..

hoping that, everything will be fine
ok, enough with that
here are the some pictures i took from my friends through Facebook
why i choosing him to be in the same picture with me?
because, our birthday are the same!
oh yeah! =)
his name was mohd fadzirul anuar

while this pictures, amongst us 5 together
a memory to remember

ok, thats all

p/s: wait for my next entry
i gonna post video about us
what is it?
stay tune...

goodnight world

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