09 April 2011

Semerah cinta...

Semerah cinta what? semerah cinta stilleto..yup.i am doing that..wondering why suddenly i talk about this movie even though it was on cinemas a year ago? easy..keep reading my post..

this was my last assignment for lab 7 individual information technology and its application

choose one of the most popular film posters that you are really like(search at google). customize your poster based on your skill. to receive credit for this assignment you must fulfill all these conditions:

you must customize that poster with adding extra words, pictures, effect etc.
you can put your image as a director or the person involved in this film.
you are NOT ALLOWED to change the whole poster.
That means the poster still have their own value.
you must use at least 6 layers.

this is the poster that i search at google

And for the final image after i editing it, CLICK HERE

p/s: the other reason why i am choosing this movie was...
because this is the first movie i watch with him in my past.
to be precise it was 10/04/10

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